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Veto Sports is one of the fastest growing sports companies specialising in sporting apparel, customised apparel, training and field equipment across a wide range of sports. Veto Sports WA is the distributor of Veto Sports equipment and apparel for Western Australia. Our warehouse in Canning Vale carries a limited amount of Veto Sports stock, but we can source stock from our Brisbane warehouse in approx 7 days or overnight for small items.

Veto Sports produces quality products that directly meet the needs of our customers. We have a very creative design team with ideas that are innovative and practical. Our design team can successfully interpret your needs. We are very involved with the factories we use overseas and can monitor our production at all times. Veto Sports can offer very competitive pricing as we control the whole supply chain directly.

We look forward to looking after your sporting requirements be it as an individual, a club or School.

Why Choose Veto Sports WA?

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About Veto Sports

Veto Sports promises to deliver the best experience for sports in Western Australia. Call us for more info!